Introducing BatchX Platform

Accelerate scientific discovery without adding more personnel.

BatchX offers a serverless infrastructure for running bioinformatics analyses as a fully managed service. BatchX helps you rapidly modernize your infrastructure at a fraction of the cost. With the click of a button, off-load all your complex processing requirements to the cloud in a cost-effective, secure, and scalable way. Never worry about servers, provisioning, scaling, maintenance, configuration, and security.

Easily package and distribute tools

Import tools as self-documented Docker images. All tools in BatchX are described and documented in the same way. This lets your collaborators to understand and use them without back and forth.

Run production jobs in a few clicks

You can run your production batch jobs in minutes without the hassle of creating and maintaining the infrastructure. Run the jobs at scale, with the desired amount of vCPUs, RAM, and GPUs.

Manage all assets in one place

Easily manage in one place all the assets generated (files, images, jobs) in one place. Download the results stored in the scalable file system or use them as input for new executions. Upload files as needed.

All of this through our UI or CLI

You can take advantage of our powerful CLI or use the UI. Whichever modality you choose, you'll have the same great experience.

Ready to save time and money on your analyses?

On average our users save 80% on costs and get results 10x faster. Try it now.

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