BatchX for Creators of Open Source Bioinformatics Tools

Professionalize the maintenance of your tools through BatchX. Increase the outreach of your work as ready-to-use tools in BatchX without much effort.

Focus on building innovative tools

while we help maximize the impact of your work.

BatchX enables creators of open source tools to build a broader audience by making it easier for anyone, even without bioinformatic and technical expertise, to use their tools. BatchX also provides a way to interact with the tool users and support them better.

Easier distribution, greater impact

Uniformity of tools in BatchX helps anyone to use them without any technical expertise nor intervention. This ensures your tools can reach a broader audience with minimal effort. With BatchX, you get to focus on innovation, while we help you maximize the impact of your work.

A new monetization model that works for you

Open source creators can package their work as BatchX tools and get revenue based on the tool usage. This not only helps the creators to further support their work but also the users who can benefit from the premium support from the creators.

Track your performance and stay connected with your users

With a custom dashboard, you can see different metrics around tool usage, user metrics, and monetization trends. This will not only be a place to measure your impact but also provide you with insights on how you can increase engagement. You can even interact with your tool users and support them better.