Single-cell RNA-Seq Expression Analysis

Single-cell RNA-Seq (scRNA-Seq) enables in-depth exploration of individual cells within heterogeneous samples, offering high-resolution gene expression profiles. Its applications span from tissue cell type diversity to monitoring cellular responses, making it indispensable in developmental biology, immunology, neuroscience, and cancer research.

Single-cell RNA-Seq expression Pipeline

A workflow designed to perform read alignment, quality controls, data normalization, dimensionality reduction, clustering and differential expression of Single-cell transcriptomic data. This versatile workflow can be used for the analysis of any species with a published reference transcriptome (human, mouse, etc). All the steps in the pipeline are based on open source reference bioinformatics tools, considered as standards for scRNA-Seq expression analysis.

  • FastQC: Quality controls of reads

  • STARsolo: Read alignment

  • Seurat: Single-cell gene expression exploration


The pipeline provides multiple interactive plots and tables to explore the analyzed data.

Quality control metrics for sequence reads

Top variable features

Principal component heatmaps

Jackstraw scores

Non-linear dimensional reduction

Differentially expressed features

  • Price: $30

    Average per analysis

  • Runtime: 2 hrs

    Average per analysis

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BatchX User Insights: Montse Vega

Montse’s investigation revolves around a topic that is intriguing and exciting: Aging. She has dedicated her postdoctoral efforts to study the process of aging, the factors that promote premature senescence as well as the mechanisms that may increase...