RNA-Seq Expression analysis

RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) is a revolutionary technique for transcriptome-wide analysis of gene expression. Given its high accuracy and sensitivity for measuring expression, it has become the standard for studying transcriptomic dynamics and identifying differences in expression between tissues, physiological stages, diseases and a wide range of other experimental designs.

Differential Expression and Gene Enrichment Pipeline

A workflow designed to test for quantitative changes in expression levels between experimental groups, and identify enriched pathways and ontology terms. This versatile workflow can be used for the analysis of any species with a published reference transcriptome (human, mouse, yeast, etc). All the steps in the pipeline are based on open source reference bioinformatics tools, considered as standards for RNA-Seq differential Expression Analysis.

  • FastQC: Quality controls of reads

  • Trimmomatic: Trimming of unwanted sequences

  • STAR: Splice-aware RNA read alignment

  • QualiMap2: Quality controls for read alignments

  • HTSeq: Read count of genomic features

  • DESeq2: Test for differential expression

  • fgsea: Gene Ontology and Pathway enrichment


All results are integrated in a single interactive report with tables and plots for each step performed by the pipeline.

Quality control metrics for sequence reads

Read alignment statistics

Principal component analysis

Multivariate data analysis

Differential expression

Pathway and Gene Ontology enrichment

  • Price: $13.5

    Average per sample

  • Runtime: 5 hrs

    Average per study

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Adrian Santiago Ortiz

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BatchX User Insights: Montse Vega

Montse’s investigation revolves around a topic that is intriguing and exciting: Aging. She has dedicated her postdoctoral efforts to study the process of aging, the factors that promote premature senescence as well as the mechanisms that may increase...