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Use our no-code platform to take control of your bioinformatics jobs. BatchX helps you with scaleable infrastructure, curated tools, and dedicated support so you can focus on what you’re best at!

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Unlock scalable computational power
without any coding expertise

Offload all your complex processing requirements to the cloud in a cost-effective, secure, and scalable way. We make sure that you run your bioinformatic jobs as seamlessly as possible without any coding expertise. With a few clicks start running production jobs at any scale and only pay for what you use.

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Accelerate your turnaround times
with a collaborative environment.

BatchX fosters collaboration within your teams, external collaborators, and other stakeholders to accelerate turnaround times. With all the assets (tools, files, jobs) in one place, you can avoid overreliance on key personnel and the associated risks. You can also share your assets with your collaborators or re-run a past analysis with a few clicks.

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Find the right tools and pipelines
for your analyses

You don’t have to rely solely on your team’s expertise. BatchX will help you find the right tools and pipelines. The uniformity of tools in BatchX and user-friendly documentation ensures you understand and use them without much intervention.

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Our users love us

BatchX has provided me with the autonomy I needed. I can now easily and rapidly perform analyses and review results. I know I can rely on their bioinformatics expertise when I need to. I feel I’m now more in control of my research studies.

Alberto Gonzalez

Researcher, VHIO

David and Nacho have always been reachable and helpful. With their extensive experience with bioinformatics analysis, they provided us enhanced support and specific tools for our analyses at a significantly lower cost. I would certainly recommend them!

Maria Vila Casadesús

Bioinformatician, VHIO

We are very happy with the bionformatics analyses we are running in BatchX. David and all the team are always ready to help and solve any question. We can now analyze all of our methylation data with confidence. Now, obtaining the tables and plots we were looking for is very easy.

Elisabet Cuyas Navarro

Researcher, IDIGBI

BatchX is super easy to install and use. Any bioinformatician who deals with complex pipelines like RNA-seq, variant calling, metagenomics will appreciate the efficiency – import scripts once and never worry about recurring errors. We also enjoyed per job cost updates.

Adrian Santiago Ortiz

Bioinformatician, IMOMA

We are extremely happy with how efficient our bioinformatics analyses are with BatchX. After a few days of using BatchX, we knew this was what we were looking for.

Elena Hidalgo

Principal Investigator, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

BatchX allows us to carry out the metagenomic analyses we need quickly and efficiently. The platform’s flexibility and the availability of the team allowed us to improve and adapt the workflows to meet our needs. As a rookie in bionformatics, BatchX is a source of inspiration, showing me how far bioinformatic analyses can go.

Ignacio Montero

Bioinformatician, Microviable Therapeutics

We were yearning for independence and shorter turnaround times. With BatchX we can decide when and how we perform our bioinformatics analysis and have our results instantly. Thank you, guys, for the support and for the platform! I now feel I have bioinformatics super powers!

Montse Vega

Researcher, Pompeu Fabra University

This was our first time with an outsourced bioinformatic platform. Choosing BatchX was right on the mark! With David and all the team behind every question was answered and every problem solved. Now, we are no longer afraid of all the software tools and pipelines for (epi)genetic analyses that were a headache a few months ago!

Javier Abel Menendez

Principal Investigator, IDIGBI