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BatchX for Platform Users

Run your own tools or those in our marketplace to perform your analyses. Never worry about servers, provisioning, scaling, maintenance, configuration, and security.

Supercharge your research

with our end-to-end bioinformatics platform and marketplace.

BatchX offers a serverless infrastructure for running bioinformatics analyses as a fully managed service. With the click of a button, off-load all your complex processing requirements to the cloud in a cost-effective, secure, and scalable way.

Find the right tools for your analyses

You don’t have to rely solely on your team’s expertise. BatchX will help you find the right tools that are built with the highest industry standards and professionally maintained. The uniformity of tools in BatchX and user-friendly documentation ensure you understand and use them without much intervention.

Modernize your infrastructure

Off-load all your complex processing requirements to the cloud in a cost-effective, secure, and scalable way. Never worry about provisioning resources, maintenance, security, patching, scaling, downtime, and migration. With a few clicks start running production jobs at any scale and only pay for what you use.

Never worry about data security and privacy

With BatchX, you have full control of your data and manage who can access it. Either uploading data to the BatchX file system or using data from external sources, your data stays private to you and your collaborators. Further, our comprehensive audit logs will add one layer of visibility to every action performed at your environment level.

Everything you need in one place

BatchX fosters collaboration within your teams, external collaborators, and other stakeholders to accelerate turnaround times. With all the assets (tools, files, jobs) in one place, you can avoid overreliance on key personnel and the associated risks. You can also share your assets with your collaborators or re-run analysis from a past analysis with a few clicks.

Find, share, and run professionally maintained bioinformatics tools.

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