RNA-Seq Structural alteration analysis

RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) represents the most precise approach for the characterization of transcript isoforms both known and novel. Compared to previous techniques, RNA-Seq does not require designing probes for selected candidate genes, making it an effective method to explore the full transcriptome and reveal novel transcripts, alternatively spliced genes and other structural rearrangements such as gene fusions.

Structural alterations pipeline

A workflow designed to identify transcriptional structural rearrangements such as gene fusions, viral integration sites and gene truncations as well as alternative splicing events due to intron retention, exon skipping and alternative use of splicing sites. This versatile workflow can be used for the analysis of any species with a published reference transcriptome (human, mouse, yeast, etc). All the steps in the pipeline are based on open source reference bioinformatics tools, considered as standards for RNA-Seq Structural alteration analysis.

  • FastQC: Quality controls of reads

  • STAR-Fusion: Identify fusion transcripts

  • Arriba: Identify structural rearrangements

  • QualiMap2: Quality controls for read alignments

  • karyoploteR: Read distribution ideograms

  • asgal: Detect transcriptional alternative events

  • DEXSeq: Differential exon usage

  • SPLICE-q: Splicing efficiency quantification


All results are integrated in a single interactive report with tables and plots for each step performed by the pipeline.

Quality control metrics for sequence reads

Read alignment statistics

Read distribution ideograms

Structural rearrangements

Alternative splicing events

Differential exon usage

  • Price: $30

    Average per sample

  • Runtime: 5 hrs

    Average per study

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Montse’s investigation revolves around a topic that is intriguing and exciting: Aging. She has dedicated her postdoctoral efforts to study the process of aging, the factors that promote premature senescence as well as the mechanisms that may increase...