Shotgun Metagenomics Genome-Resolved Analysis

Shotgun metagenomics offers a unique view into the unculturable microbial community. It enables sequencing an entire microbiome community without culturing restrictions.

Genome-resolved metagenomics analysis involves the reconstruction of bacterial genomes using shotgun reads. It enables the study of previously unknown bacteria in detail. This is critical for discovering new organisms and genes as well as reducing the amount of microbial dark matter.

Genome-Resolved Pipeline

A workflow that performs an end to end metagenomics analysis, including quality controls and adapter trimming of the raw reads, assembly of filtered reads into contigs, binning of contigs into MAGs along with taxonomic and functional analysis of MAGs. All the steps in the pipeline are based on open source reference bioinformatics tools, considered as standards for metagenomics analysis.

  • FastQC: Quality controls of reads

  • Trimmomatic: Trimming of adapter

  • Megahit: Assembly of reads into contigs

  • Autometa: Binning of contigs in Metagenome Assembled Genomes

  • GTDB-Tk: Taxonomic classification of MAGs

  • CheckM: Quality control analysis of MAGs

  • KofamScan: Functional analysis of MAGs


The pipeline produces the following figures and tables:

Quality control metrics for sequence reads

Functional analysis of MAGs

Quality control analysis of MAGs

Taxonomic classification of MAGs

Relative abundance of MAGs

  • Price: $170 - $200

    Average price per sample

  • Runtime: 30 - 35 hrs

    Average runtime per study

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Metagenomics — A unique view into the unculturable microbial communities

Metagenomics refers to the study of entire nucleotide sequences isolated from all the organisms (typically microbes) in a bulk sample.