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with our end-to-end bioinformatics platform.

Run your own tools or select from our catalogue to perform your analyses. Never worry about building and maintaining complex infrastructures.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

With our extensive experience in the life sciences industry we discovered that every persona has different needs. We built BatchX to cater to those specific needs, yet bring them together to accelerate scientific discovery.

BatchX for Researchers

Process your datasets with tools developed by your team, released by external collaborators, or those we offer in our catalogue. BatchX helps you avoid computational bottlenecks, operate autonomously, and get results faster.

BatchX for Bioinformaticians

Package your existing tools and distribute them seamlessly to your teams and external collaborators. Since tools are self-descriptive, you can use them without going back and forth.

BatchX for Leadership Teams

Channel engineering efforts into solving problems in your areas of expertise while BatchX handles the infrastructure. Per-job cost metrics give you the visibility that in-house solutions often lack.

Why BatchX

The need for bioinformatics analyses is growing at a rapid pace.

Yet, the industry is operating in a siloed environment with many bottlenecks. Moreover, access to specialized know-how in a scattered ecosystem slows scientific advancement. It’s time for software innovation to catch up.

With BatchX, you can

Areas of expertise

We provide domain expertise in a wide range of fields. We will work with you hands-on to help you and accelerate your work. Best of all you can take advantage of our ever-growing ready-to-use tools and pipelines that covers all of the common analysis needs:

  • RNA-Seq
  • Methylation
  • Variant Calling
  • Metagenomics
  • Genome
  • ATAC-Seq
  • ChIP–seq

Our customers love us

BatchX has provided me with the autonomy I needed. I can now easily and rapidly perform analyses and review results. I know I can rely on their bioinformatics expertise when I need to. I feel I’m now more in control of my research studies.



David and Nacho have always been reachable and helpful. With their extensive experience with bioinformatics analysis, they provided us enhanced support and specific tools for our analyses at a significantly lower cost. I would certainly recommend them!



BatchX is super easy to install and use. Any bioinformatician who deals with complex pipelines like RNA-seq, variant calling, metagenomics will appreciate the efficiency – import scripts once and never worry about recurring errors. We also enjoyed per job cost updates.



We are extremely happy with how efficient our bioinformatics analyses are with BatchX. After a few days of using BatchX, we knew this was what we were looking for.


Principal Investigator

We were yearning for independence and shorter turnaround times. With BatchX we can decide when and how we perform our bioinformatics analysis and have our results instantly. Thank you, guys, for the support and for the platform! I now feel I have bioinformatics super powers!



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